Cambridge Baby photographer

Hi, my name is Alicia and I am a newborn photographer specialising in babies first year and portrait photography, based in Soham, UK.

I am mum to two lively beautiful girls, who are growing up too fast, but having my girls helps me understand how important it is to cherish every moment that there still little, it doesn't last long.

I established Alicia Marshall Photography in 2010 and began as a Wedding photographer, but after the birth of my second daughter I began working more with families and babies. It was so lovely to be able to continue my relationship with the couples that I had had the pleasure to work with at their weddings. 

And since then I've had the honour to capture many babies and help families capture their memories.

 I work from my home studio and work closely with my clients to provide a personal unique service to them, by designing sets and images to meet their little ones personalities. My creative sessions are bespoke and clients can choose from a selection of themes or choose their own themes that I can build from the bottom up, it's lots of fun and I love creating unique sets for clients.

I work with many different props and have a large selection of wraps and outfits to choose from for newborn to 6 month sitters. Newborn photography safety is paramount so I am trained to handle babies and pose them safely, ensuring babies safety at all times. Many images you see of newborn posing maybe composite images and parents will be holding baby for those poses, for these images I will use various editing techniques to produce the final image.

I aim to provide a professional friendly service in a relaxing homely environment for my sessions and timeless art pieces for my clients to treasure and look back on.

My Story

I've been an artist since as long as I can remember and always had a natural creative side. I went to Cambridge regional college to study Art and Design, which is where I first learnt and practiced dark room photography. After college though I put my dreams on hold to progress in a Retail management career, which was meant to be stop gap. Instead that lead me into a Training career path and I went on to deliver Retail and Management qualifications for 9 years.

But in my spare time I completed a photography Diploma and I began Alicia Marshall Photography, that was back in 2010. I primarily started out as a Wedding photographer as I absolutely love weddings, and being able to capture such a special day for my clients is amazing.

But after the birth of my first daughter I began to lean more into family and children portraiture. I soon learned 1 toddler was much more challenging than arranging 100 wedding guest, but I loved it! I think it was those cheeky smiles!

So after the birth of my second daughter I decided to go full time and got busy planning and launching my home studio in 2015 and it's been an amazing journey. I've been lucky to meet some lovely families and captured beautiful little souls within their first few weeks into the world, making memories is my passion.